Practical solutions for fostering and integrating sustainable business practices. Knowledgeable in life cycle assessment, CSR reporting and communication, efficient resource allocation, stakeholder engagement, collaborative economics;


Having earned an M.B.A. in Sustainable Management from the Presidio Graduate School (PGS), Heath has the know-how to develop solutions that are not only good for the planet and society, but are also profitable. PGS is the highest rated graduate program in the U.S. for sustainability and social impact,

Heath put his sustainability know-how to use when founding The Can Van with partners from the Presidio Graduate School. Additionally, Heath has completed several CSR consulting projects. A few of the more notable consulting projects include a Marketing Plan for a small U.S. bike manufacturer, e-waste collection market for a major U.S. retailer, and the development of a sustainable supply system for a U.S. chocolate manufacturer.

Currently, Heath advises organizations in Germany about sustainable business practices and strategies. He also lectures at the European University where he teaches “Building a Sustainable Business” and “Cross Cultural Business Issues.”



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