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Lecturer | European University  Munich, Gemrany (2014 to present)

Teach the following classes

  • Cross Cultural Business Issues
  • Building a Sustainable Business


Co-founder | The Can Van San Francisco, California (2011 to present)

Applying the principles of collaborative consumption, the Can Van affords smaller brewers the chance to reach new markets and cut costs with a more environmentally friendly packaging option.

  • Conceptualized and drafted a comprehensive business plan
  • Gathered and analyzed extensive market research
  • Evaluated technology and logistical requirements and assisted in equipment design
  • Presented the business case to investors and solicited initial customers


Executive Officer |USAID Egypt Cairo, Egypt (2005 to 2008)

Recognized for increasing the operational efficacy for the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) largest bilateral mission. Supervisory and performance responsibility for six departments including: Human Resources, General Services, Procurement, Safety & Security, Data Resource Management and Communications.

  • Achieved notable efficiency gains through meticulous resource and facility management, attentive contract oversight, and inventory control;
  • Streamlined operations through planning and by application of organizational design methods;
  • Instrumental in reducing operational budget by nearly 16% (two million dollars);
  • Launched an environmental campaign leading to over $100,000 in annual cost reductions;
  • Stretched USAID Egypt’s operational support services to other business units of the Embassy community and to USAID missions around the region, raising the profile of USAID Egypt and making better use of government’s combined resources.


General Manager | IBD Company Brčko, Bosnia & Herzegovina (2002 – 2005)

Accountable for overall business performance. Directed investment strategies and oversaw all operations. Positioned the young company for lasting financial and operational growth.

  • Designed and implemented all core business processes;
  • Built a network of agents and distributors throughout southeastern Europe.
  • Determined pricing strategy and supervised sales contracts;
  • Directed the sales team, personally responsible for sales to several key customers;
  • Introduced complementary product-lines to diversify the product mix resulting in increased revenue;
  • Supervised the supply chain and procurement agreements
  • Directed the sales team, personally responsible for sales to several key customers;
  • Introduced complementary product-lines to diversify the product mix resulting in increased revenue;
  • Supervised the supply chain and procurement agreements.


International Trade Specialist | U.S. Department of Commerce Detroit, Michigan (1997 – 2002)  

Increased clients’ export sales by identifying market opportunities and potential sales partners. Formulated targeted export strategies and solved international transaction challenges.

  • Created successful international sales plans on behalf of many U.S. clients;
  • Resolved trade disputes, export financing and market access issues for numerous clients;
  • Represented U.S. businesses at trade shows and on trade missions around the world;
  • Led special Africa initiatives that resulted in increased U.S. exports to the continent
  • Championed the use of technologies such as e-Commerce and video conferencing as effective international marketing tools;
  • Thrived in short-term assignments in Southeastern Europe and South Africa; produced valuable market research reports and fostered relationships between U.S. clients and their sales partners;
  • Received several performance awards.


Logistics Manager | Shell Gas Hungary, Rt. Sekesfehervar,  Hungary  (1995 to 1996)

Established and managed the logistics unit from the company’s start-up through its initial growth phase. Organized the efficient distribution of liquid petroleum gas products to meet the demands of the quickly expanding business.

  • Designed and built logistics systems to handle rapidly growing nationwide distribution ;
  • Hired and trained the distribution staff;
  • Instituted a successful customer relations program;
  • Negotiated transportation contracts.


Planning Assistant | Shell Hungary, Rt. Budapest, Hungary (1994 to 1995)

Conducted research for strategic planning and business unit reorganization.

  • Produced business planning models for several business units;
  • Created and implemented financial planning tools;
  • Proposed a detailed re-engineering plan of the credit card unit (later implemented).





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